News From Linda Foley – District 15 – March 23, 2022.

March 23, 2022

Women's History Month

Nancy Kopp is ending a historic 50 years of public service in Maryland. She recently retired from her position as State Treasurer. She began her long public career as a 31 year old Delegate representing Montgomery County’s District 16 for 15 years. She was fiercely committed to education, budgets, consumer protection, housing, and good government. In 1976, she became the first state legislator in the U.S. to give birth while in office. She then became the second longest serving State Treasurer.

Nancy was a stickler for process and openness in government which made her an exemplary public servant. Her legacy in Maryland is that of a trailblazing fiscal watchdog and the best Treasurer that Maryland has ever had.

Last week Nancy was awarded the ‘Speaker’s Medallion’ by Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones as part of the Speaker’s Society Awards. In recognition Jones said, “Nancy Kopp has epitomized what it means to be a public servant in this State. From staffer, to delegate, to statewide treasurer for two decades, Nancy has kept the State’s fiscal house in order.”

Maryland General Assembly Crossover

Monday, March 21 was the deadline for bills to pass in their original chamber before crossing over to the opposite chamber for consideration. Crossover day itself is one of the most hectic in the House chamber. The Montgomery County Delegation (pictured) worked hard to pass bills important to county residents.

The bills that did not “crossover” will very likely not make it to the finish line, with rare exceptions. I am pleased to report that I had 3 transportation related bills that reached the crossover milestone this session which are discussed below in “Bills I am Working On”.

Bills I am Working On

HB 335 crossed over to the Senate and will be heard in the Budget & Taxation Committee on March 30 at 1 PM. I filed the bill in the midst of a toll road consumer uproar with the Maryland Transit Authority (MDTA). This bill would allow an EZ Pass Account holder to dispute any charge or fee for 1 year (extending it from current 120 days) after the charge or fee is posted to the person’s EZ Pass account. It would be effective from June 1, 2022 until June 30, 2023.

HB 870 another bill that also crossed over to the Judicial Proceedings Committee and is awaiting a hearing date. This bill allows a towing company to notify of a tow by email. Previously, the notification of the lien had to be made by mail. This bill was cross-filed by Senator Watts as SB 731 and was passed by the Senate.

HB 487 Commercial Vehicles – Police-Initiated Towing – Requirements crossed over. It establishes guard rails around commercial towing and prevents towers from delaying the release of cargo that can cause supply disruptions.

House Passes Essential Legislation

On Friday, March 18 Governor Hogan signed into law a state motor fuel tax suspension for 30 days, which waives the 36.1 -cent tax per gallon of motor fuel for 30 days. This only applies to taxes imposed on gasoline by the state The federal and local imposed taxes on motor fuel will still apply. I co-sponsored this measure.

HB 521, sponsored by Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk (D-Prince George’s), would let tenants petition courts to shield records in some eviction cases where the failure to pay rent was due to an income loss caused by the pandemic.

HB 1391 Clean Cars Act of 2022, sponsored by District 15 Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo, would extend an expired tax credit for electric vehicles (EVs). It limits the tax credit only to zero-emission vehicles (EVs) and not hybrid vehicles, and to vehicles that cost $50,000 or less, a drop from the previous limit of $63,000. The bill passed the House 100-33.

HB 147 Maryland Farms and Families Fund, sponsored by Montgomery County Delegate Lorig Charkoudian, aims to bring farm fresh food to schools via a grant pilot program and alters the purpose and use of the Maryland Farms and Families Fund to provide grants to food banks and charitable emergency food providers to alleviate food insecurity. Mandated annual funding for the MFF Fund is increased to $300,000 beginning in fiscal 2024. Beginning in fiscal 2024, the Governor must include $1.25 million in the annual budget bill for the MD FARM Fund.

Academic Scholarships

My office is offering academic scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year to be applied to studies that begin in the Fall of 2022.

Application deadline is March 31. Please contact me at prior to that date so we can send the application to you.

I Want to Hear From You

If you have questions or issues that need to be addressed, please reach out to me or my staff at:
or call our office at 410-841-3052.

Thank you for the privilege and honor to represent you and the other residents of District 15 in Annapolis.


Authority By: Friends of Linda Foley, Susan L. Philips, Treasurer