News From Linda Foley – District 15

Showing support for time off to care for family. The Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program (FAMLI) HB 8, would provide up to 12 weeks paid leave to a covered employee to care for new children, address a family member’s health concern or care for themselves.  The proposed legislation is working its way through the House Economic Matters Committee. I strongly support it!

Postcards for Composting – District 15 school children from elementary to high school wrote postcards to me and other D15 legislators urging us to pass a compost bill for schools, HB 150I used them to decorate my office to remind me of the importance of composting. 

“I believe it is important to make the environment a priority in our community. Even though it may require more funding, it will save money in the long term because it helps us be more sustainable. Composting is a natural and mutually beneficial strategy. So I hope you will consider it!” 
Thomas Wootton High School Student

“All schools should add composting so we can have happier grass and flowers.” 
Clarksburg Elementary Student

“I believe that schools could do better at composting food. Think about how the future would be without landfills.”
Clarksburg Elementary School Student


Bills I am Working On

The Maryland Fair Scheduling Act (HB 431) was heard in the Economic Matters Committee on Feb. 22 at 1 PM. This bill applies to retail establishments with at least 10 stores nationwide and provides predictable scheduling requirements for workers. You can click HERE to listen to testimony which begins at the 1:14 mark. 

Vehicle Towing or Removal (HB 870) will be heard on Feb. 24 in the Environmental and Transportation Committee. This bill allows a person who undertakes the towing or removal of a vehicle from a parking lot to notify the towed party by mail or by electronic communication. Current law only permits mailed notification. 

My bill banning gasoline-powered leaf blowers (HB 934) has a hearing on Feb. 25 in the Economic Matters Committee. It would abate greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution. Gas leaf blowers emit damaging low frequency auditory noises that are injurious to human eardrums, essential birds, insects and family pets.   

I will present a bill extending the time for drivers to dispute EZ Pass charges (HB 335) on March 3 in the Environmental and Transportation Committee. We are compiling a witness list and are seeking input from District 15 constituents who have received large charges or have been overbilled by Maryland EZ Pass. 

I am co-sponsoring a number of other bills, including ones that address transparency of public records; revamp pesticide regulation; call for a referendum on a constitutional amendment that would add an environmental rights clause; and uphold women’s reproductive rights.

The House of Delegates Votes on Legislation

The House passed several bills this week, beginning the process of moving them to the Senate for consideration before they are sent to the Governor for his signature. Some of the bills that have passed the House include:

HB 94 Requires the conversion of the state fleet of motor vehicles to be zero-emission vehicles: 25% by 2030, 50% by 2032 and 100% by 2033..

HB 153 Repeals the “spousal defense” for rape while legally married.

HB 227 Establishes Juneteenth as National Day of Independence in Maryland and a legal state holiday.

Education Update

Leaders in the General Assembly, and education advocates across Maryland, pressured the Governor to restore $140 million in funds mandated by the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future for schools in Prince George’s County and Baltimore City. The blueprint seeks to reform state education over the next decade and is expected to bring significant changes to Maryland schools and to the myriad of programs, agencies and institutions that interact with students. Plus, the Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) for the Blueprint was finally funded. The board can now begin their work with the counties to be sure implementation of the Blueprint can proceed on schedule.

Maryland has a rich African American history, which includes the Underground Railroad which had a network of safehouses in Maryland that led up to Pennsylvania. Discover the remarkable African American history by clicking HERE.

I Want to Hear From You

If you have questions or issues that need to be addressed, please reach out to me or my staff at or call our office at 410-841-3052.

Thank you for the privilege and honor to represent you and the other residents of District 15 in Annapolis.


Authority By: Friends of Linda Foley, Susan L. Philips, Treasurer